Eflare AT290 8 Inch Safety Flare
Warning Light

Eflare AT290 8 Inch Safety Flare

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After many years of development and countless prototypes, the E-flare™ line of products is the class leader battery powered roadside warning light. 

The AT290 series Beacons are an 8 LED beacon that is powered by 4 AA batteries. While we quote 20 hours continuous use on a fresh set of batteries, many customers report over 50 hours with quality batteries.  At 8 inches tall and with the optional rubber base, these beacons are great for roadside warning and can be seen over undulations in the road and accumulated snow.


  • Intensely Bright - Can be clearly seen over 3/4 mile away without night vision, point fixation and distance judgement problems
  • Lightweight - Weighs under 2/3 lb with batteries
  • Simple to Use - An improved switching mechanism involves a simple twist of the lens to the desired function
  • Durable - Waterproof (up to 100 ft), dust proof, and will survive a 3-foot drop onto a concrete surface
  • Double the Safety - Provides safety with maximum 360° visibility. Unlike pyrotechnic flares, there is no risk of fire, explosion, toxic fumes or residue
  • Infinitely Versatile - Easily attaches to belts, clothing, vehicles, traffic cones or signs
  • Place units around to create a highly visible warning and safety zone for people, work areas, hazards and accidents
  • HAZMAT accredited for use in Class 1, Division 2/ Zone 2 hazardous areas

    Function: Model No: Light Color: Candela: LED Qty:
    Flash or Steady-on AT290R Red Flash = 60 Steady-on = 20 8
    AT290A Amber Flash = 70 Steady-on = 25
    AT290B Blue Flash = 18 Steady-on = 10
    AT290G Green Flash = 40 Steady-on = 13
    AT290W White Flash = 80 Steady-on = 25
    Weight incuding batteries 10 ounces
    Height 8 inch
    Flash rate 165-185 fpm
    Battery 4 x AA cell
    Battery life 20 + hours