Cube 2
Work Light And Driving Light

Cube 2

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Another fully plastic (Thermal Conductive Plastic Housing) LED work light. Lightweight and corrosion free. Extremely light, extremely durable, extremely bright. The Cube 2 has a DRL (Daytime Running Light) built in. This is a lower intensity light that is controlled separately to the bright 20 watt white light. The DRL is available in White, Red, Amber or Blue

The Cube 2 will last in the harshest environment for years on Jeeps, off-road vehicles, racing applications, construction vehicles, farm vehicles, marine, boat, truck, suv, trailer rv, motorhome.



  • 4 x 5W Philips Lumileds LED’s
  • Fresnel Optics with double angle reflector cups
  • TCP Thermal Conductive Plastic housing. No corrosion!
  • Cross DRL Daytime Running Light
  • Lightweight. around 70% lighter than the original cube
  • TCP is easily recycled
  • U shaped bracket allows adjustment up and down.
  • Available in Spot, Flood and a combination of Spot and Flood.
  • 18” cable with Deutsch 2 pin male connector +female spade
  • Polycarbonate lens.
  • 2 year warranty



Operating Voltage: 10~32VDC
Power: 20 watts
Amps: 1.67A@12V, 0.84A@24V
Amps DRL: 0.59A@12Vdc
Color temperature main white light, 6000K
Waterproof IP67
Chipset: Lumileds Xenon TX
Raw Lumens: 1200 lm
Actual Lumens: 1080 lm